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I work with patients to heal their body from the inside out so they can live a live their Healthiest Life Now!

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The Ultimate Acne Toolkit!

With over 36 pages, the Ultimate Acne toolkit has all you need to help decrease the appearance of acne before spending hundreds of dollars on creams and serums that may not work. 

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14-Day Liver Reset 

The Liver Reset Program is a 14 day course that helps prepare your body for the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to have clear skin for life.


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4 month Food Sensitivity Discovery

Food sensitivity discovery, elimination and reintroduction One on One Program with Dr. DJ

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9 month 1:1 coaching 

Exclusive one on one coaching with Dr. DJ. Each month receive hands-on guidance as you begin your superhero journey. We supply all labs and supplements. 

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Dr. DeJarra Sims ND

Doctor | Author | Professor |

I believe that everyone is on their own Hero's Journey to finding who they are and their purpose in this world. Sometimes we let the appearance of our skin hold us back. I believe anyone can overcome acne and achieve their dreams with a little help! Let me be your guide on your journey to clear, healthy skin that reveals your true inner beauty! 

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